Asheville Parade of Homes

We just wanted to give a little Asheville Parade of Homes recap, considering that we had a great time at the show last fall.  We were able to get some fantastic photos of the event and our setup. We had countless people show up for the event, and all had great reviews for us. For a Asheville Parade of Homes recap, take a look at the gallery below.

Garage Shelving
One of our most sought out products is our Monkey Bars garage shelving. If you’ve looked at the pages on our website, you’ll know that it’s the strongest shelving on the market, holding up to 1000 lbs. every 4 feet.

Garage Flooring
Garage flooring is the absolute best way to finish a garage. With our industrial grade epoxy coating, you’ll be able to completely hide any cracks that your concrete has produced. Not only is it easy to clean, but it will last you a lifetime!

Garage Cabinets
For our Asheville Parade of Homes recap, we’ve shown you how we used a cabinet to let the customers see how effective they are. With our garage cabinets, you can completely hide your storage and make your garage a safe place for kids, pets, and everyone else.

All in all, we plan to do this again for years to come, as it was such a great experience for both us and our customers.