Back Porch Epoxy

Have you ever heard of getting your back porch epoxy coated? It’s common to see an epoxy painted floor in the garage because that’s what we specialize in, but it’s always exciting to try our product out on different spaces, including porches, bathrooms, and basements. In this case, we tried it out on the back porch and are more than pleased with the results.

Back Porch EpoxyEpoxy Porch Greenville

Back porch epoxy is one of the custom spaces we can improve for you. The process isn’t simple, but our trained installers make sure to perfect it. It all starts with a diamond head grinder. This allows the perfect amount of buffing for the epoxy to attach and stay for good. In this case, we had to make sure to get the sides of the porch as well as the top surface. Precision is key when it comes to epoxy and we don’t settle for anything less. I mean just imagine how hard it was to avoid the leaves sticking to the paint! With the finished epoxy coated porch, entertaining will be exciting and barbeques will be a frequent occurrence.

If you’re considering a back porch epoxy coating, you know who to call. We’re always experimenting and trying new surfaces, making the possibilities endless. We aren’t limited to garages alone. Bathrooms, warehouses, porches, and salons are all on our list of expertise. We simply want to be able to give you a professional and usable space that will make your life easier and more put together. Epoxy flooring allows for the easiest of clean ups. You won’t  have to worry about any more unsightly stains on the floor and the impossibility of removing them. Concrete cracks will no longer be an issue and an industrial grade coating will be the new expectation. If you’re looking for more than just garage flooring, a back porch epoxy floor may be the solution for your problems!