COVID-19 Safety Precautions

  At The Garage Authority there is no higher priority than the safety and well being of our clients and employees.   We are closely monitoring the ongoing Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, and following the guidelines and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We want to share with you some of the […]

Garage Storage Greenville

Garage Storage Built For You

Garage Storage Greenville: Workbench to the Rescue When it comes to garage organization, we know a thing or two about the best ways to declutter your area. With our garage storage in Greenville, we can take your space and transform it into a functional place for all of your items. One of the best ways […]

Harmonize Your Garage And Home

Options to Harmonize Your Garage and Home The inside of our homes tend to get the most attention while the garage often gets the least amount of our time and efforts. But the garage can be as nice as any other part of the home. Often the garage is the center point when leaving or […]

Garage Shelving in Simpsonville For Bikes

Magic Word… What’s the one thing that’s in just about everyone’s garage? I’ll give you a hint…it has two wheels and two pedals. Did you guess it? It’s a bike of course! The simple thought of being more active and out in the sunshine is an easy selling point to get one, but more often than […]

Garage Shelving Greer Won’t Let You Down!

Garage Shelving Greer Families Love Aren’t we all aware of how easy it is to clutter up a garage? You clean it one month, and the next it’s in shambles again. What, then, can possibly make it easier to keep your garage in order? Well, look no further than our garage shelving Greer families are raving […]

Garage Storage Canton Knows and Loves

Garage Storage Canton: The PRISTINE Effect. I’m not sure if you know, but we’ve got the very best solutions for that garage storage Canton homeowners need. We can take any space and completely transform it into a fresh, new, organized room. Think of the word “pristine”. What comes to mind? Some may think clean, white, […]

Southern Home & Garden Show

The Garage Authority is proud to announce that they’ll be showcasing their products and services at the Southern Home & Garden Show in Greenville this weekend. From Friday to Sunday, you’ll be able to discover inspiration for your own homes for a $7.00 admission. There will be over 200 companies participating, and you’ll be able to […]

Asheville Home Builders Parade of Homes

If you’re looking for something to do the next two weekends, look no further than the Asheville Home Builders Parade of Homes. You’ll get inspiration for your own home by keeping up to date with all of the latest design trends. These are self guided tours that allow you to go inside these beautiful homes […]

Back Porch Epoxy

Have you ever heard of getting your back porch epoxy coated? It’s common to see an epoxy painted floor in the garage because that’s what we specialize in, but it’s always exciting to try our product out on different spaces, including porches, bathrooms, and basements. In this case, we tried it out on the back […]

Garage Storage Duncan

We’ve got an amazing garage renovation to show you. If you’re looking for the best garage storage Duncan can offer, you’ve come to the right place. It all started on a sunny day in Duncan; the birds were chirping and bees were buzzing. We arrived at one of the nicest neighborhoods around and couldn’t help but feel […]