Garage Shelving in Simpsonville For Bikes

Magic Word… What’s the one thing that’s in just about everyone’s garage? I’ll give you a hint…it has two wheels and two pedals. Did you guess it? It’s a bike of course! The simple thought of being more active and out in the sunshine is an easy selling point to get one, but more often than […]

Garage Shelving Greer Won’t Let You Down!

Garage Shelving Greer Families Love Aren’t we all aware of how easy it is to clutter up a garage? You clean it one month, and the next it’s in shambles again. What, then, can possibly make it easier to keep your garage in order? Well, look no further than our garage shelving Greer families are raving […]

Garage Storage Duncan

We’ve got an amazing garage renovation to show you. If you’re looking for the best garage storage Duncan can offer, you’ve come to the right place. It all started on a sunny day in Duncan; the birds were chirping and bees were buzzing. We arrived at one of the nicest neighborhoods around and couldn’t help but feel […]

Garage Storage Systems Greenville

With the winter months well upon us, most of us find our garage floors grimy, dirty, and unsightly within a matter of days. Rainy weather results in a muddy mess in the garage, and hosing it out is the LAST thing you want to do when you get home. So there the mess stays, and there it […]

Tack Room Storage

The beauty of garage storage is that it is versatile. The longer we install systems, the more creative we can get with our solutions. One of our latest projects was this tack room storage. For those who own horses and need a place to store all of the equestrian equipment, Monkey Bar Storage Shelving is […]

Greenville Garage Systems

Greenville garage systems can be hard to find if you don’t know your options. Adequate research is necessary, but The Garage Authority can make it easier for you to decide what works in your garage. We offer the following options to make your garage stand out and stay organized. Garage Shelving It’s obvious to see […]

Custom Shelving in Fletcher

    Here at The Garage Authority, we believe that no two storage solutions should be the same, because everyone’s needs are different. When developing a plan for your storage solution, we take into account your lifestyle, and what you need to store. A unique option that many of our customer’s choose is garage shelving […]