Harmonize Your Garage And Home

Options to Harmonize Your Garage and Home The inside of our homes tend to get the most attention while the garage often gets the least amount of our time and efforts. But the garage can be as nice as any other part of the home. Often the garage is the center point when leaving or […]

Greenville Garage Overhead Storage

If you’re living near Greenville, garage overhead storage is one of the best solutions for your long-term items. Next time you’re in the garage, look upward and you’ll probably see a lot of dead space near the ceiling. We’ve come up with a way to utilize that dead space while keeping your storage safe at […]

Garage Storage Greer

With the summer months ahead of us, many of us start to realize that our garage storage in Greer is either non existent or a total mess. Trying to plan summer vacations in piles of belongings usually causes frustration and usually leads to giving up on your trip or costing a lot of money. Have […]

Garage Storage Greenville

The Best Garage Storage Greenville Has To Offer Ready to get your last garage storage system? The Garage Authority offers the most versatile and durable garage organization system available for your garage storage in Greenville. From our 1,000 lb shelving capacity to our 750 lb overhead racks, we can help you start building the ultimate storage system around. With […]

Unique Overhead Storage Solution

  The above feature overhead storage in Hendersonville, that was recently installed. Families with small homes, across the country, have a hard time finding a viable storage solution for items that they don’t use frequently. Without the help of an attic or basement, it can be hard to hold onto items from your childhood, nostalgic […]