Custom Shelving in Fletcher

Here at The Garage Authority, we believe that no two storage solutions should be the same, because everyone’s needs are different. When developing a plan for your storage solution, we take into account your lifestyle, and what you need to store. A unique option that many of our customer’s choose is garage shelving in Fletcher. The photos above show a recent install we did of garage shelving in Fletcher, NC.

This family was very active. With children, they had toys that they needed to store within reach, as well as long-term storage items, and items that the adults needed to use frequently. Through the use of the unique Monkey Bars shelves, we were able to give them a solution they loved.

Long-term storage items could easily be kept on the shelves above. Frequently used items are kept on hooks, that are easily within reach. The hooks were the perfect solution for bikes, golf bags, and tackle boxes. As the family grows, and their needs change, they can easily add more hooks, take hooks off, or move them around. It’s a win-win solution for everyone! Another item in their garage that was hard to store without garage shelving in Fletcher, was sports balls and equipment. We had a solution! By using a Monkey Bar Storage ball bag, all the sports balls can be kept in one area, out of the way, and easily accessible. There will be no more digging around in a box for the unique ball you need.

With a 1,000 lb weight capacity for on just four feet of shelving, this family can easily store anything they want! You’ll also notice that this garage had unique walls and corners. This wasn’t a problem for our professionals! With the best garage shelving Fletcher has to offer, we were able to easily work around corners and walls, still giving the family the garage shelving they needed.