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Garage Storage Greenville: Workbench to the Rescue

When it comes to garage organization, we know a thing or two about the best ways to declutter your area. With our garage storage in Greenville, we can take your space and transform it into a functional place for all of your items. One of the best ways to add functionality to your garage is a workbench. A workbench allows you to find room for your tools and smaller items.  For additional storage and organization add slatwall to hang your tools and keep the area clutter free.


We recently installed a new system for a Greenville family equipped with a customized workbench. With cabinets and slatwall, this Greenville family will have plenty of space to work in the garage and will no longer struggle to try to find certain items.


garage storage in greenville


Multiple Garage Storage Options

Maybe a workbench isn’t the best option for you right now. At Garage Authority, we provide several options for garage storage and garage organization. Design your system to fit exactly what you’re looking for! With our most recent install, along with the workbench, we also installed epoxy flooring and garage shelving.  


garage cabinets greenville


Notice how clean and smooth the garage floor looks. Our epoxy coatings are seamless creating a sleek, professional look throughout the entire garage. Not to mention, the floor will be much easier to clean with our oil, water, and chemical resistant flooring.


Our garage shelving was the perfect solution for creating a specific place for this Greenville family’s yard tools. Using our bar and hook system, we were able to find a place for the various items needed when doing yard work.


garage shelving greenville


For more information on our garage storage in Greenville, feel free to give us a call. We offer free consultations and estimates. Let us help you get your garage in order!