Garage Storage Duncan

We’ve got an amazing garage renovation to show you. If you’re looking for the best garage storage Duncan can offer, you’ve come to the right place.

It all started on a sunny day in Duncan; the birds were chirping and bees were buzzing. We arrived at one of the nicest neighborhoods around and couldn’t help but feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. The space looked pretty good to begin with, but we knew our garage flooring could take it to another level of greatness. After the initial estimate, we didn’t hesitate to get started. The floor itself would take 24 hours to cure, and we wanted to move carefully and quickly.

You’re probably wondering what it takes to install the garage storage Duncan residents rave about. For flooring, we go about our buffing process. We use a diamond-head grinder to smooth out the floor and allow the epoxy to adhere indefinitely. Then we lay the materials (including epoxy flakes) and make sure it looks professionally perfect.

duncan garage floors

garage flooring duncanduncan garage flooringgarage floor duncan

Let’s talk shelving. There are two ways to keep your garage clean and orderly. 1.) Don’t store anything in there. 2.) Invest in some garage shelving to get everything off the floor. Hmm…I wonder which option is better than the other…Monkey Bar Storage Systems are the strongest on the market. They provide the strength that no other competitor can match. These shelves can hold up to 1000 lbs every 4 feet, now that’s some strong shelving!

garage storage duncanduncan garage storage

If you’re looking for the strongest garage storage Duncan can offer, you’ve come to the right place. Not only did we have a blast installing their system, but the customers were super pleased with the outcome. If you need to bump up your garage status to another level, we can do that for you. The Garage Authority consists of trained professionals whom will give your garage a drastic makeover.