Garage Storage Systems Greenville

With the winter months well upon us, most of us find our garage floors grimy, dirty, and unsightly within a matter of days. Rainy weather results in a muddy mess in the garage, and hosing it out is the LAST thing you want to do when you get home. So there the mess stays, and there it accumulates.

Not only does The Garage Authority provide the best garage storage systems Greenville can offer, but we’ve got some amazing garage flooring options too. Just imagine a brand new epoxy painted floor in your garage. It will completely seal and fix any cracks you had in the first place. Do you have those disgusting oil stains that refuse to lift from the concrete in your garage? That’s the last thing you’ll need to worry about with epoxy flooring. Check out the garage flooring Greenville families love, one in particular, below. It completely transformed the look of the space.

garage flooring greenvillegarage storage systems greenville

If you’re going to go ahead and pull the trigger on flooring, you’re going to have to get some shelving to go with it. You don’t want all of your storage in heaps on the ground covering your gorgeous epoxy floor, do you? With our garage storage systems, Greenville residents are able to completely lift and store all of their items onto the wall. Plus you’ll never need to worry about your things crashing down to their demise. Our shelves hold 1000 lbs. every 4 feet, which means your storage is safe with us. ]

You’ll see in the above photo that we also CUSTOM MADE this mudbench. If you have any cabinetry needs like this, we’ve got you covered!

If you’re considering a garage renovation, don’t forget about the garage storage systems Greenville families are raving about. Each piece of your organization puzzle fits perfectly with The Garage Authority. Make your garage a priority and finally take action on the organization your garage needs.