Tack Room Storage

The beauty of garage storage is that it is versatile. The longer we install systems, the more creative we can get with our solutions. One of our latest projects was this tack room storage. For those who own horses and need a place to store all of the equestrian equipment, Monkey Bar Storage Shelving is the perfect option.

Owning horses comes with a lot of equipment and special care. That’s why tack room storage is essential. Monkey Bars shelves have countless add ons that make it easy to store everything from saddles to bridles. Each shelf allows for drop down racks which make it easy to hang virtually anything. Check out the image below and you’ll notice how perfectly the saddles sit on the hooks.

Tack Room Storage

When we were installing the racks, we wanted the perfect solution for all of the bridles in supply. Nothing is worse than a heap of tangled bridle mess. It was crucial that each one hung separate from the other to avoid any knots and confusion. So the easily installed rack with hooks was the perfect choice. As you can see below, there is easy access to each item and time is saved in the process.

Tack Room ShelvingTack Room StorageStorage For Tack RoomGarage storage isn’t only used for your typical bins, bikes, and outdoor equipment any longer. We’ve come up with monumental ways to cater to anyone with any interest. Tack room storage has become a possibility with the strongest of garage storage: Monkey Bar Storage. These industrial steel shelves can hold up to 1000 lbs. every 4 feet. This is perfect for the heavy equestrian equipment and to keep it off the floor and easily accessible. This allows for your equipment to last longer and stay in better shape.

Not only can we provide you the perfect tack room storage solution, but we can tackle any problem. If you have a specific hobby that uses a lot of equipment and needs to be stored carefully, I’m sure we have the solution for you!