Unique Garage Flooring in Asheville

If you’re looking a quick and easy way to update your garage flooring in Asheville, look no further. We have a solution you will love, Swisstrax modular flooring!

Swisstrax modular flooring is a snap-able flooring that only takes a few hours to install. Many homeowner choose it over epoxy floor coatings because of its convenience, and ability to be moved if you buy a new home.

There are many different colors and texture to choose from. We offer residents looking for garage flooring in Asheville with the textures, including: Diamontdrax, Sporttrax, Ribtrax, Cointrax, and Floortrax. These different modular flooring textures have been the choice flooring for homeowners and business owners alike. Because they are so interchangeable, you can swap them out every few years, for a completely different and unique look.

If you want to keep Swisstrax for years to come, you sure can. With a rollover strength of over 75,000 lbs., you can be sure that they will stand up to even the heaviest of items you want to store on top of them.

With Swisstrax, garage flooring in Asheville will never be the same. This quick solution has completely taken homeowners by surprise at the ease and style they provide. You can easily see from the pictures above the difference between regular bricks and concrete and Swisstrax modular flooring. With so many colors to choose from, a design can easily be created. We’ve had customers that do airplane designs, smiley faces, and even cool color patters. Meanwhile, others stick to simple colors, like the garage featured above. It’s the best garage flooring Asheville has to offer.

Each of our customers receives a free, no-obligation estimate. Wanting more coverage than just the garage? Not a problem! Swisstrax can be incorporated in many different areas of the home. Call (864) 605-3223 to schedule appointment.