Unique Overhead Storage Solution

The above feature overhead storage in Hendersonville, that was recently installed.

Families with small homes, across the country, have a hard time finding a viable storage solution for items that they don’t use frequently. Without the help of an attic or basement, it can be hard to hold onto items from your childhood, nostalgic memorabilia, or even seasonal decorations. Floor space in the garage goes quickly and many people have to give the items they want to keep a backseat to the items that they have to keep. It just shouldn’t be this way.

Through the use of overhead storage in Hendersonville, you, like the family above featured in the pictures, can find a place for your items, without adding onto your home or renting a storage unit.

Many people don’t take full advantage of the ceiling space in their garage. Overhead racks are the easiest way to add more storage space in your home. We offer our customers both wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted options.

We are committed to giving you the safest products available. Our garage storage experts use the most secure ways of installing overhead storage racks, to ensure they don’t fall or bend over time. Each of our racks includes six mounting screws that are installed into the ceiling directly.

Each of our overhead storage racks includes a two inch lip. Not all of our competitors’ products include this. This specialized, extra high lip ensures that items don’t roll or slide off the overhead storage Hendersonville residents needs. If you have small children, expensive cars, or even pets, we recommend you go with a storage system that includes these precautions.

These overhead storage racks can hold up to 750 lbs. That means that even your heaviest items can be kept up and out of the way. You’ll never have to worry about bending or breaking.

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